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Techno What?

The Answer's Out There Somewhere

1978 I was using a Kalamazoo wage system to do wages for 50 men every week. It involved reams of carbon paper, layers of different spread sheets (pre-printed of course) and complete accuracy. It took 3 days of each week and ended up with a box full of little wage packets, lables, stapled and accurate to the last cent.

My boss got a kidney stone, I promoted myself to the drawing office and hired a secretary to handle the Kalamazoo.


50 Shades of Shit???

My take on being subjected to the latest literary "blockbuster"

There are very few shades of grey that interest me. I am really a black and white sort of person – I love deeply, I am fiercely loyal and madly creative – I stand up for the under-dog, fight for the fynbos, loathe lies and deception and I have a ferocious streak that sometimes scares even me.

So shades of grey are, generally boring – they need dressing up with a splash of red or a twist of lemon...

As a grading assessor for TGCSA I drive about 3000km a month in my faithful little car. I marvel at the vast expanses of this wonderful Western Cape – thank the Powers That Be on a regular basis for the fact that I don't have to traverse the eroded, crumbled wasteland to be found elsewhere in this beleaguered country of ours, and that each bend in the road opens up yet another Kodak-Moment.